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A profound appreciation of art, history and nature is the cornerstone of every Sareen Jewelry creation. Master Designer and Co-Owner/Co-Founder Adam Adourian began working in the jewelry industry at age thirteen, when his grandfather - a trader and goldsmith - instilled in him a passion for the artistry involved in the creation of fine jewelry that soon became deeply rooted in young Adam’s psyche.

While still living in his native Lebanon, Adourian began to notice a shift away from the traditional one-to-one sales techniques of the past and toward the modern marketing and e-commerce opportunities available through the then "new" medium of the Internet. Modernization was eliminating the middleman, and in 1996 the U.S. - at the forefront of the communications revolution - was where he came in search of his future. Fresh out of art school, Adam’s early career consisted of designing fashion jewelry and working for several established jewelry houses in Los Angeles. He always believed, however, that emerging technology was the ideal platform from which to express his design sensibilities to a much wider audience. His appetite for adventure led him to his current partnership with fellow Sareen Jewelry Co-Owner/Co-Founder and Creative Director, Orlando Bayot, whose input and design aesthetic are integral components in every Sareen creation.

Using elements and shapes found in nature and art, each Sareen design is built first as a prototype. From there, Adourian and Bayot oversee the evolution of the design as it progresses through their exhaustive refinement process. Every ring must speak to Adourian before he feels it is finished. Likewise, every design must also meet the Sareen standard for Bayot. As is the case with every successful partnership, Adourian and Bayot strive to both exceed expectations for their customers and elevate standards within the Sareen Jewelry organization as a whole.

Sareen stands for quality, integrity and a sincere commitment to providing a purchasing experience that is second to none. Firmly grounded in the past with an eye towards the future, the marriage of old school craftsmanship and New Age technology defines the Sareen Jewelry brand.

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